What type of blogger outreach links should I expect?

This blogger outreach service builds you contextual links in 1 of 2 ways. Link insertions and new blog posts getting published to relevant blogs. Link insertions are incredibly effective. You get a link on an established article that already has some age and page authority built-in. Google crawls it and sees it as a content refresh, which is another good signal.

Getting a new blog post published, in the form of a guest blogging or ghost-written for the blog owner,  is the second way you’ll get quality links and can be more customized to your needs. We can decide to include your keywords in the title of the article and determine on the position of your link in the text, etc. Most guest posts are not marked as guest posts and they are never published in your name. Instead, our blogger outreach team will pitch quality content that includes your link placements as a reference or resource.