Can’t I do this myself? Or get a freelancer to write for me?

You could – after all you know your business best, and you can probably get freelancers for cheaper. And if you did, here are a few things you might already have encountered – you always have that nag in the back of your mind that a blog post needs to be sent out, which means:

  • figuring out a topic,
  • writing it out (or finding a freelancer to write it for you),
  • making sure it’s thorough and accurate,
  • making sure your brand voice is loud and clear,
  • proofreading it for those pesky typos,
  • and then remembering to publish it
  • And if you hire freelancers, the additional burden of watching over their shoulders,
  • making sure they deliver on time,
  • and that they don’t abandon you for someone else.
  • We haven’t even talked about Google’s algorithms….
  • Is your head spinning yet?

So yes, you could write your blog posts yourselves, or hire freelancers, but why would you do that, when you have a service like ours that thrives on producing quality content, that’s utterly readable and ranks on Google.

PLUS we deliver on time – every time.