Tier 2 Links
Boost Your Guest Posts Authority with Tiered Links
Tier 2 Links

Our Tier 2 links are designed to enhance the performance of your existing links by providing direct linkage to specific pages. These packages are ideal for boosting the visibility of Guest Posts and Niche Edits. 

Tier 2 Links are also great for increasing the indexation of social profiles and citations. 

Each package you order will allow you to target one specific URL.

We do not recommend using these links directly on your money site as they are only placed on powerful pages and may not be relevant to your website.

With our Tiered Links, you do not need to provide an anchor text as we will use a random contextual anchor on an existing money article through our partner websites.

How Tiered Link Building Works
Tier 2 Links

We create links on our partner websites that will link to and provide a boost to your Tier 1 Links

Tier 1 Links

Tier 1 Links are links going to your main website. Tier 2 links help strengthen the power of Tier 1 Links.

Main Site (Money Site)

Your main website will benefit from the Tiered structure of Tier 2 links increasing the power of Tier 1 Links.

Network Details

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Tier 2 Links:

Buying Tier 2 links can enhance the trustworthiness of your existing site links. These links can help to establish credibility and demonstrate to Google that your links are authoritative

What You'll Get:

  • Contextual homepage links, one link per post
  • Permanent DO FOLLOW links
  • Drip-feed for safe and natural-looking link building
  • 300+ word unique and relevant article with relevant images and video
  • Link privacy to conceal your links from competitors
  • Acceptance of multiple URLs (you can submit different websites if desired)
  • A partial report to verify links

How many Tier 2 links will you need:

Here is the recommended breakdown:

  • For a new website – 20-30 foundation Tier 2 backlinks to start. As the keywords start appearing on SERPS, this can be increased.
  • For a website that is already ranking well but needs a boost for 5 money pages, we recommend 10 Tier 2 links per money page, for a total of 50 links per month.
  • For medium to high competition websites, we recommend 50-200 Tier 2 links per month that will target 5-15 money pages with diverse anchor text.
  • For high traffic websites that receive 50,000 – 1 million+ visitors per month, we recommend 200-500 Tier 2 links per month to the entire site to take it to the next level.
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Pricing Plans

10 tier 2 Links
25 Tier 2 Links


Bonus - Free 30 Min Consultation

During your free 30-minute consultation call with an SEO expert, we will discuss your current link building implementation and help you identify strategies to improve your search engine optimization. 

Our goal is to help you outperform your competitors and achieve higher search engine rankings through link building.


Frequently asked questions
A partial report will be provided but we do not share the Tier 2 URL’s to ensure the safety of the network.
Yes, the posts will be permanent. They will remain on the homepage for at least 4 weeks and then be moved to the inner pages where they will remain permanently.

The articles will consist of 300-500 words of original and unique content written by hand. If you prefer, you may also provide your own articles, as long as the grammar is of good quality. We do not accept spun articles

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