Link Insertions Service

Make the most of your link building efforts with proven to work link insertions (Niche Edits) techniques.

Get the link on the relevant, high quality blog post and play safe without a hustle.

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What is link insertion?

What Makes This Approach So Successful

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Things we don’t do

Link Inesrtions OutreachMama

How We Mastered Delivery

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Link insertions ensure that your content is good enough for other websites to use it as a reference. This sends a clear signal to Google that you are offering value to your audience.

If done properly, link insertions are as safe as any other kind of link building. They offer more advantages than Guest Posting, since the links are sourced from well-aged and reputable content that is already indexed by Google, meaning they have enough power to make a difference.

Yes, link insertions are legit. They are a great addition to a standard Guest Post and they send a clear signal that your content is good enough for other bloggers to use in their own articles, to support their existing content. 

For link insertion, we use high-quality websites that are meant for Tier 1 link building and can directly support your domain. 

On the other hand, Tier 2 links are not meant to be published on a main website. 

Tier 2 links are usually acquired from lower-quality domains. The main objective of this strategy is to strengthen the authority and value of your backlinks, known as Tier 1 links, which in turn passes on more “power” to your main website, improving its search engine rankings.

Yes, older content is great for link insertions. 

These articles are already indexed and well-optimized. So, having a link from these articles can be more impactful than publishing several Guest Posts. 

It doesn’t matter how many years ago the article was published. As long as it is updated regularly, an older link can rank higher than newer ones. 

That’s what link insertion combined with quality Guest Posting can be a real game changer.

We use websites with domain traffic higher than 500, and a DR higher than 20. Higher DR domains have higher traffic. 

This service is aimed at slightly older domains, with a Domain Rating (DR) of at least 20. As new websites generally do not have an established DR, it’s better to avoid them during link insertion.

Delivery time is 15 days regardless of the number of links. If the order is for one domain, we strongly advise that you spread those links across the 30 day period, in order to stay under Google’s radar.

A Guest Post is a published new article which contains your link, and is written around keywords related to your link. This is a great way to rank with an optimized article. 

Link Insertion is the process of adding a new link to a previously published article that is already indexed and well-aged.

No, adding affiliate links or money pages can be harmful. Link insertions should be used primarily for blog posts.

We decide on anchor text by selecting the most suitable word or a phrase from the existing article. We usually work with natural anchor text types. Some bloggers accept slight changes in this text, but in this case, we update the whole paragraph. 

By adding a new link to the refreshed section, we keep the post relevant and up-to-date.