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John, COO - SEO Agency

'...very happy with the quality of work, turnaround time, and communication...'

Frame Reviews

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'...OutreachMama understands the criticality of your site’s authority...'

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Matthew, EVP, Marketing Agency

'...high-quality report and effective communication throughout.'

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’re on board with us, we assign a dedicated account manager who will use a corporate email address associated with your domain to send out pitches. This could be your current business email or a new one we set up specifically for HARO activities, ensuring all communications are professional and aligned with your brand.

No need to worry about that. If you haven’t signed up for HARO yet, we’ll take care of the registration process using the email account we’ve set up or the one you provide. Our team monitors HARO notifications throughout the day to catch and respond to relevant queries promptly.

Our approach is to blend creative storytelling with authoritative insights. We aim to provide journalists with engaging and relevant responses that fit their requests. By adding specific elements and expert opinions, we enhance the appeal of our pitches, increasing the chances of securing a valuable backlink for your brand.

We stand behind our service with a solid commitment: we keep pitching until the number of links agreed upon in your campaign is reached. Our team has a track record of achieving around 4% success rate per pitch, which means consistent efforts are made to ensure your campaign’s success.

We prioritize quality and impact; therefore, only backlinks from websites with a Domain Rating (DR) above 50 are counted towards your campaign goals. However, any additional links we secure from sites with a DR below 50 are given to you as a bonus, free of charge.

The duration of the campaign largely depends on the package you choose. Generally, it can take between 6 to 12 weeks to start seeing backlinks appear. We provide monthly reports detailing the pitches sent and links obtained, and use tools like Ahrefs and Google Alerts to monitor your backlink profile closely.

The nature of the links (dofollow or nofollow) depends on the editorial policies of the publications we pitch to. While we strive for dofollow links, a nofollow link from a high-authority site like Forbes is still highly valuable for your brand’s SEO, referral traffic, and overall online presence.

Our control over the specifics of the links, including the anchor text, is limited. In most cases, the links will direct to your homepage and feature your brand name as the anchor text.

Due to the nature of how backlinks are acquired through HARO, we typically see that links point to your website’s homepage. However, every link, regardless of its specific placement, contributes significantly to enhancing your overall web presence and domain authority.

No, HARO Service focuses on gaining high quality backlinks focusing specifically on positive SEO results. PR services, on the other hand, ensure your product or services are featured to the relevant journalists.