Blogger Outreach

We develop pitches, identify targets, and reach out to blogs on behalf of your company, helping you to secure links and boost your influence.

Links from High Quality Blogs
We’ll reach out to high-quality blogs within your industry to ensure that you receive authoritative links that boost rankings.
Completely Hands- Off

Blog outreach is time consuming and tedious. We handle the entire outreach process for you, including 5 followup emails!

Build New Relationships
Our blog outreach services will help you develop new relationships with influential bloggers and brands within your industry.
Grow Traffic and Authority
Our outreach efforts will open the door to guest posting opportunities that drive targeted traffic directly and from search engines.

Strategy Phase

If you want expert guidance, our founder, Tomas Tasic, is available to help.

Pitch Phase

Now that you’re a part of the OutreachMama family, we start your order with finalizing your target pages and coming up with an outreach pitch. Example pitches are: adding your business as a resource to an authority blog, pitching a guest post or ghostwritten content, and emailing to update a relevant existing article with your website.

Prospecting Phase

Quality is on every marketers’ mind. It’s not just a marketing buzzword word for us. It’s ingrained into every single step of our blogger outreach process, and most deeply right here in the prospecting phase. We run each prospect through a comprehensive SEO metrics assessment, relevance assessment, and “eye-test” assessment. Even with good metrics, you know a guest blogging farm site when you see one. We work diligently to weed them out.

Outreach Phase

Once we’ve built up a list of 300 prospects and you’ve approved our email sequences, we’ll drip out 5-10 emails per day through our OutreachMama email. Every few days, prospects that don’t respond will get a follow-up email up to 5 emails. Those that respond positively to our email get routed to the project manager assigned to your account.

Content Creation

Once we get a positive response from a blogger, creating a quality piece of content is the next step. Using our pool of native English speaking freelance writers, we’ll assign the blog post to the most appropriate writer on our team.
US native writers who are actually just good non-burned-out writers

Response Handling Phase

In our opinion, this is the most common reason to outsource your blogger outreach efforts. Working with blog owners can be messy. Once a blogger expresses interest in working together, it can be WEEKS until a placement is earned. It takes patience, craftiness and stellar persistence to score quality links. Our response handling team is trained to do just that.
Your project manager is also your response handling person – no middle person!
Our people have people skills, which you need when talking to real bloggers

Link Acquired Phase

Once the link is acquired from our content being published or the blogger updating existing content, we report it to our shared link tracker so you can see the progress and real results in real-time.

Monthly Reporting Phase

Besides the real-time link tracker that updates with in-progress and published links, we’ll share a monthly report for you that summarizes the links and what to expect next month.
We monitor your daily rankings and report on changes in search engines as we see them.
We track your anchor text percentages and make sure things are looking natural.

Create New Relationship with High Quality Blogs

Our blogger outreach services help companies form relationships with influential bloggers in their industry. Reaching out to blogs and brands within your industry is a time-consuming and difficult process, but one that is necessary to expand your network and find new opportunities. Our team of strategists, prospectors, outreach specialists and copywriters create outreach emails that are designed to encourage a positive response. We’ll reach out to 300 targets monthly up to five times, and work with each positive responder until it results in a high quality backlink. complete the activities ourselves. Here at OutreachMama, we have spent years refining our blog outreach processes, helping clients to:
If you would like to grow your network, secure guest posts, and find new opportunities within your industry, speak to us about our blog outreach opportunities today.

Why Choose Us?

Effective Outreach. Popular Blogs. Great Communication.

We know how time consuming it can be to reach out to hundreds of prospective blogging partners each month. But, doing so allows you to secure guests posts, build new relationships and grow brand awareness within your industry. That’s why we’ve developed a simple service that takes advantage of our years of experience, while giving you complete control at every step!

100% In-House

Every member of our outreach team are in-house across the US and Eastern Europe. We never outsource. This reflects well on your brand and improves response rates.

5 Followups Improve Response Rates

We send 5 followup emails over a month-long period, to each target that doesn’t respond, improving response rates.

Outreach Done-For-You

Blog outreach is a necessary but time consuming task. Our process allows you to focus on building new relationships and closing deals.

What Our Clients Say...


Have any Questions?

Yes. We do relevant and tailored-to-your-needs outreach with the objective of acquiring relevant links from bloggers that we have no pre-existing connections with. It’s essentially the same type of outreach activities you’d perform for your own brand, except you’re hiring a blogger outreach services team to do the heavy lifting.

This blogger outreach service builds you contextual links in 1 of 2 ways. Link insertions and new blog posts getting published to relevant blogs. Link insertions are incredibly effective. You get a link on an established article that already has some age and page authority built-in. Google crawls it and sees it as a content refresh, which is another good signal.

Getting a new blog post published, in the form of a guest blogging or ghost-written for the blog owner, is the second way you’ll get quality links and can be more customized to your needs. We can decide to include your keywords in the title of the article and determine on the position of your link in the text, etc. Most guest posts are not marked as guest posts and they are never published in your name. Instead, our blogger outreach team will pitch quality content that includes your link placements as a reference or resource.

Unlike our other offering, the guest posting services, this service is monthly. The lowest package starts at $850 and the average cost per link is $177 all in. The pricing model is quite unique but it’ll make total sense once we explain how it works. Think of it as a retainer model. You pay us a fixed monthly rate each month and ask we score quality links, we deduce from that retainer depending on the domain authority of the link we built. A DA 20 gets a lesser deduction than a DA 50 for example. The pricing is clearly broken out in our dashboard so be sure to check it out.
If at the end of the month we haven’t built links worth the budget you’ve chosen, we use that rollover in the next month and add it to the next invoice – so none of your money is lost.
Yes. Once done, the email sequence will be sent to you for your review prior to launching the campaign.
Yes! We can link either to your blog pages, service pages, ecommerce pages, or the homepage. Some high-end blogs are picky about what they link to so flexibility in the final target pages is always appreciated.

Yes. Content is included in the link outreach service package. Our writers are all English native writers and we tend to always submit and publish articles that are 500+ words.

The majority of the outreach we do is for the .com domains. If, however, you want to build links to your co.uk site, we can launch specific campaigns for the co.uk TLD while still maintaining the possibility of acquiring .com links whenever valuable and relevant. We currently can only place a guest post or get a link from English speaking blogs.
Yes. If you decide to switch or add target pages to your campaign all you need to do is let your outreach service project manager know about it.
You can and we can also completely take care of it. For each of your target pages, we’ll analyze your existing backlink profile with Linkio and compare it to top-ranking competitors to build an anchor text roadmap. We plan out 13 different types of anchor text like exact match anchor text, partial match anchor text, exact match anchor text + other words, branded anchor text, URL anchor text, websitename[dot]com anchor text, and natural anchor text. Building a natural anchor text profile is a critical part of success and we take special attention to planning out your anchor text and updating the anchor text roadmap in real time as backlinks come in.

We provide a live link tracker where you can monitor our progress daily. The team adds opportunities and live links in your link tracker tagging them with one of the following tags:

– Published
– Submitted
– Negotiation

Yes, all the links we acquire are do-follow.
We offer a 12-month guarantee on your links. If a link drops or becomes no-follow, we will keep you in the loop until it is back up or replace it with a freshly built link.