51 Best Link Building Tools and Software in 2018

By Ajay Paghdal

Founder of OutreachMama and Linkio
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  • Julie Patton

    Thanks for listing all these options available. Amazing👌

    • Ajay Paghdal

      No problem Julie – thanks for checking it out.

      • https://www.newsalltripura.in/

  • SpyFu is something I found recently. Could also be added to your list I think.

    • Ajay Paghdal

      That’s a good suggestion as well. We’ll definitely consider it during our next update.

  • Kris Roadruck

    Alexa?? wtf?

    • Ajay Paghdal

      We’ll take another look at Alexa during our refresh. Thanks!

    • Ritika

      Yes, alexa have an premium account for audit and planning stuff

      community manager at https://betapage.co

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    Thank you.

  • Frank

    “Linkio researched the backlink profiles for top ranking sites to identify anchor text patterns and used that data to create an algorithm that provides anchor text recommendations.” – As a user of SEOJet (which should be on your list) I have a hard time believing you didnt just copy their research. Linkio looks and sounds like an exact copy of SEOJet. And its pretty obvious that outreach mama owns linkio.

  • Thanks for this list. I might purchased one of your recommendation.

  • Mohammad Farhan

    I want to make some backlinks for my website can you recommend me some good one software and its should be free.

    • Ajay Paghdal

      Hi Mohammad – I haven’t messed around with automated link building software in a long long time. That’s not something I’d be able to recommend!

  • WOW! What a great collection of link building tools and softwares. The most extensive one that we have found. Thank you for posting it!

  • That was a Amazing Guest Post List. I got what i was looking for … Thanks Ajay

  • Wow again great work.

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  • Vlad Hilliard

    Lots of great information here. I personally like using Screaming Frog paired up with MOZ. The best tool that I’ve come across can be found on captivenest.com, more specifically, here https://captivenest.com/free-online-seo-tool/

    It basically generates a report that you can view immediately, then also delivers a PDF copy to your inbox. Pair this up with any of the mentioned tools on this site and you’re golden!

  • Wayne Pearce

    Ton of good information. I am using Google Webmaster Tools and SEMrush for my SEO. http://waynepearce.com

  • Erich Behmen

    https://serptimizer.com offers a keyword based link prospecting tool with a 14day free trial and a low price from 15€ per month. There are also more features in the same package like competitor analysis, site audit and keyword tracking.