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The main goal of obtaining a higher education is the opportunity to teach the student to think independently, instilling the skills of scientific work. That is why, except for freshmen, all students write a small student paper every year. Of course, this is a term paper and this is not at all a “huge abstract”, as many initially think.
Are you sure you know how to write a term paper five times? In this article, we will show you how to pass everything perfectly!

Preparatory stage

The choice of the supervisor. This is the first step if you want to protect your work well. Firstly, each teacher has his preferences and the topics of the coursework directly depend on them. Secondly, all teachers are different and each has its character.

Choice of a theme. It is not always possible to choose a topic, but you can cheat even in this case. To get started, choose the teacher who suggests the topics that are closest to you. Then – discuss with him all the topics that you can take and find a compromise.

Keep in mind that term papers that are written on 3-4 courses may be the chapters of your thesis. So do not waste time and choose it with an eye on the diploma. Smart students understand this trend in their first or second year.

Explore general information about the topic. You can use tutorials, dictionaries, articles, or at least take a look at Wikipedia. At a minimum, after that, you will have an idea of what should be in the coursework.

We advise you not to ignore this stage so that later it will be easier to draw up a clear plan. You should not carefully draw up the entire plan, because most often the teacher himself corrects it and says which points should be in the coursework and what to focus on.

Make a plan. Once you have an idea of the topic, make a plan. Note that there should be two of the – thesis and short. First of all, make a short plan, and then be sure to discuss it with your supervisor. After that, you can proceed to the thesis plan: write at least one sentence for each paragraph, which will indicate what you will write about. And again go to the teacher! Understand that rewriting the outline is much easier than correcting the entire coursework.

Make a list of references. Many teachers advise on what material to use to create the work. Remember, this is another reason to go for a consultation and show that you are getting old.

Search for sources. In some faculties, it is necessary to use chronicles, archival materials, and memoirs.