How to benefits from Instagram?

How to benefits from Instagram?

As you all must know that Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms. That’s why today we like Instagram the most in social media. Because Instagram has proved to be much better than other social media platforms. That’s why we use Instagram more. Because our other social media platforms are not able to give us that feature. What Instagram gives us. So today Instagram is the most used and liked app all over the world.

So now let’s talk about how we can benefit from Instagram, so I want to tell you. That I have given you some information about Instagram above, then you must have understood how important Instagram is to us. Because in social media services, we may also use Instagram services for the benefits of Instagram. Because today every user is taking advantage of his Instagram by taking his Instagram services. Therefore, we can also grow and enhance our account on Instagram services.

But if you want to benefit from Instagram. So you have to follow and follow some steps for that.

Instagram is a free social media platform. So we should take maximum advantage.

Everyday users and businessmen are joining Instagram.

Use visual marketing.

Easily target your audience and followers.

Connect with your customers and followers by where they spend their time.

Post unique content daily.

And be sure to add trending hashtags.

Is it right for us to take service of views on Instagram?

As you all know that Instagram is one of the social media platforms. That’s why today everyone uses social media platforms. Because Instagram will prove to be very beneficial for us. Then we will need to do a lot more work to use Instagram. Hence today everyone uses the social media platform Instagram to their advantage. Then you should grow and promote your account with Instagram services. So that we can easily promote and develop our business and brand.

Then let’s now talk about whether it is right for us to take the service of views on Instagram. So I want to tell you that on Instagram you can take social media services i.e. Instagram Services. Because many people take Instagram services in their Instagram account. By which you boost and grow yourself and your account in less time. By which they get a different function. You all must be aware that Instagram has now become a shorts reel video platform as well. So people are taking more interest in Instagram, you are right to take the services of views in Instagram. Because it is okay to take Buy Instagram views and we have no problem with it. With this views service, you can also take your buy Instagram reels views on Instagram, wherever your views option comes. From there you can take your Buy Instagram Views India. This also covers your buy Instagram story views. Which is perfect for you and your account.

What is the difference between views and likes on Instagram?

Yes, you are also right in thinking that views and likes are different on Instagram. But people believe these ideas and like to be the same. But it’s not like likes on Instagram. And the views are also different because these two things are different. If you want to boost your account from Instagram Services. So you can get Buy Indian Instagram Views. As I was telling you what is the difference between views and likes.

Instagram Likes: If you are an Instagram user and you post anything or post a video on your Instagram. So when you post your video on Instagram. So when another user sees your post and if he likes that post. If so, then he writes that post of yours, so that you get to know about him. That this user has just written my post or video. We call it Likes in Instagram.

Instagram Views: Whenever you put content related to videos in your Instagram account. So when that video is posted on your Instagram. Then that post or video of yours goes to your followers or users. If a user has seen your video for 3 seconds. So you will get a view of that which we can see in our video or post. So the views are different and the likes are also different.


As I have told you above Instagram and related services of social media and some important things about them. So let’s now talk about how we can rapidly grow and grow our account on Instagram with social media services. Which will benefit us a lot, so if you also want to do the same with Instagram services. So you can take Buy Instagram Views India for your Instagram account for this. This will benefit us a lot, so we buy Indian views on Instagram. Because there is a lot of competition on Instagram, so we should take Instagram services.

Our company gives you all types of views for your Instagram account from Buy Instagram Views India. It has Buy Instagram Reel Views so that we will be able to boost our Instagram account in the right way. And we are giving you Buy igtv Views India and Buy Story Views India in this view service. Then that after taking the same service, you can get many benefits.

Therefore if you are also willing to take Buy Instagram Views India in Instagram Services. So you can book your service by contacting our company online.

How to benefits from Instagram?

How to benefits from Instagram? As you all must know that Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms. That’s why today we like Instagram the most in social media. Because Instagram has proved to be much better than other social media platforms. That’s why we use Instagram more. Because our other social media … Continue reading “How to benefits from Instagram?”

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How to become the biggest businessman from Facebook followers?

Today I will tell you how you can become a big businessman by making your business famous through your Facebook account. If you also want to become a big businessman and want to know-how. So if you read this article completely then you will know all the methods of this article.

If you are a Facebook user and know how to run the Facebook application properly. Been using it for a long time and you share your photos on it. If you don’t get a lot of likes and comments on your photo, it means. You do not have many followers on your account and whenever a new Facebook user comes. So he does not even see your account and when your Facebook account or page will not be visible to anyone. So no one will be able to follow you nor will you be able to like and comment on any of your posts.

For this, you will have to buy Facebook followers for your account, which will increase your account’s popularity and visibility to more than a million followers. It also has a great impact on your business, and you can make your business famous soon. Along with this, you can also become a big businessman by making yourself famous.

If you want to buy followers, you can buy from our followerbar website. These our websites provide you the best and cheapest service as compared to other websites. Our Followerbar website gives you a real and secure Facebook Followers India. With which you can increase your business and also increase the visibility and popularity of your profile.

How will your business be affected if you buy Facebook followers from the followerbar?

If you buy followers from our website, you will not have difficulty growing your business through Facebook. Our website provides you the best service as compared to other websites. No one can give you a service like our website, and when you buy our website Facebook Followers India. So the reach and popularity of your account start increasing very fast.

It grows so fast because we give you real Facebook followers. Which Google and Facebook fall quickly and access your account. With this, your account is visible to all the Facebook users in the world. If a new Facebook user also comes, then first he will see your account. By which they will follow you and also like and comment on all your posts.

A Facebook page is created on your Facebook account for your business. Along with your account, followers also grow on your page, and those who give information related to their business or share any post on it. So you get more than one million likes and comments on it. You can grow your business even faster by running ads on Facebook through Google AdWords.

How to get orders for your products if you’ve bought Facebook followers?

If you have purchased Buy Facebook Followers India, and still you are not getting any order. So by talking to all the followers you have in your account. Tell us about your business and tell us what you do. You can tell him what kind of products you sell and at what rate. If he likes your products and rate list. So they will buy your products from you and pay you online.

When he will buy your product from you if he likes your product. So he will tell more people about your Facebook page then those people will come to your page and contact you. You can also ask for the product in quantity and ask for a single piece. So you have to sell more and more products by mixing in your own words. Only then will you be able to become a big businessman and take your business far ahead.

How to become the biggest businessman from Facebook followers?

Today I will tell you how you can become a big businessman by making your business famous through your Facebook account. If you also want to become a big businessman and want to know-how. So if you read this article completely then you will know all the methods of this article. If you are a … Continue reading “How to become the biggest businessman from Facebook followers?”

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Link Prospecting Guide

Your Guide To Link Prospecting

A Complex Part of Link Building Process Explained in Simple Words

First of all, let’s explain what link prospecting is.

In short, this is a process of finding relevant websites you would like to link back to your resource. 

Why should you spend your time and efforts on it? 

Because you are dreaming about high Google ranking for your web page, aren’t you? 

So, you should strategically distribute your content and build backlinks raising the authority of your domain.

This article is aimed to help you with one of the first steps of your link building campaign, which is link prospecting. 

Here I’m going to tell you how to qualify a prospect, how to build a prospecting list, and finally how to find the emails of your prospects in order to start your email outreach campaign.

As a rule, link prospecting includes the following steps:   

  • Identifying keywords aka topics you are going to target.
  • Finding websites publishing content on the topics of your interest.
  • Excluding the irrelevant websites from the list.
  • Exploring deeper and prioritizing the relevant websites.   

After you finish to build the prospecting list, you may start to get in touch with them via email outreach.

How To Qualify a Prospect

To make your link building campaign efficient you should qualify your prospects during the link prospecting process. 

You can’t approach each and every person on your list the same. I advise dividing your targets into groups. 

Investigate how influential they are by looking at their audience and achievements.

1. Mega-Influencers

Here you are going to put people with tremendous audience and outstanding achievements like Seth Godin for instance. 

It’s really challenging to catch their attention, they never read messages from unknown people. 

Simply don’t have time for that. 

Your only chance to get in touch with them is personal introduction or doing something terrifically creative and notable. 

It’s up to you to decide whether you are ready to spend time and effort trying to reach the sharks in your business niche. 

If you want our advice, I would not recommend doing it. Save your energy for the next groups.

2. Influencers

People in the second group are not industry celebs like the ones in the first group, however, their audience is still big enough to make a positive impact on your business. 

Now we are talking about entrepreneurs like Noah Kagan for example.

Second group prospects can be reached with a friendly personal email. 

Please don’t try to use a generic template, you will waste your time and never get a reply. 

It’s a good move to ask second group prospects for comments on your ideas. 

Don’t ask them for links and tweets, if they like your work, they will link and tweet it without any request. 

This group of prospects is worth reaching out to because either a link or a tweet from them will bring value to your business.

3. Micro-Influencers

Prospects in the third group don’t have a big audience at the moment.

They are actively promoting their websites participating in niche communities, publishing guest posts, and taking part in all kinds of events. 

They will respond to your personalized, polite outreach email that adds value. The message may be template-based.

Are you wondering whether you should reach out to them?


The third group of people is open to building relationships, which is good even though a link or tweet from a group representative won’t bring your business as much value as one from a second group.

4. Grinders

The fourth group are startups. They are newbies in the industry and don’t have a substantial audience yet.

They will reply even to a bulk templated outreach email. 

But we don’t advise you to reach out to them. 

A link or a tweet from one of the fourth group prospects won’t bring your business much value, so don’t bother.

Well, now you know how to qualify your prospects in order to reach out only to those who are powerful enough (yet accessible) to bring value to your business. 

You can save your time by removing the first and the fourth groups from your list. 

You can easily identify which group a person belongs to by analyzing their domains authority in your favourite marketing tool. 

Please note that people from the Influencer group are more valuable for your business, so reaching out to them must become a priority. 

Free and Paid Ways To Build a Prospecting List

The first step in building a prospecting list is finding prospects. Herein under we are going to cover four effective ways of doing it.

1. If you feature somebody in your article, let them know

When creating an awesome piece of content we frequently provide readers with links to other useful resources inside it. So, if you link to another blogger why not let them know about this mention? 

All you need to do is just look through your content and find all mentions of the bloggers in your niche. 

If you are not a fan of manual work, try to automate this process with the help of the tool that extracts all external links from a web page – URL Extractor

Please choose “External” from the drop-down as you don’t need internal links in your list and uncheck “Image” and “Meta tag” boxes. 

Then export the results you’ve got to CSV and sift them deleting the irrelevant prospects.

2. Search for people writing articles on similar topics 

If a person is writing articles on topics similar to yours, they are clearly interested in those topics. There are a couple of ways to find these people you are interested in.

Go to Google, type main keywords related to the topic of your content and study the results of the search (articles list).

Let’s imagine that we are looking for prospects for this post. We should put some keyword like “link prospecting” into Google. 

Do you agree that people care about the recent blog posts much more? 

They don’t miss the chance to update and improve them. Because of that you can filter for recently published content only. This is simple, just click the Tools tab > Any time dropdown > and choose recent dates.

If you want to get more relevant results, you can use advanced Google search operators. I.e.: “search term”, “or”, “and”, “-”, “*”, “()”, “$”, “define:”, “cache:”, “filetype:”, “site:”, “related:”, “intitle:”, “allintitle:”, “inurl:”, “allinurl:”, “intext:”, “allintext:”, “AROUND(X)”, “weather:”, “stocks:”, and others.

Here is an example for you. 

This guide on link prospecting contains a section about free and paid options to find people’s emails. 

This means that we can use search operators to find blog posts about link prospecting that don’t cover the techniques. 

It will be easy to compose a good outreach email as well. 

You can start like this – “Came across your article about link prospecting and noticed that it doesn’t tell anything about email lookup services, which I highlighted in my article…”

Please note that you can involve scraping tools (like Screaming Frog) if you have a basic knowledge of XPath/CSS/Regex to speed up extracting data from any web page.

Decent paid SEO and marketing tools provide data on keyword mentions on web pages across the Internet. 

They let you apply different filters (show websites that have never linked to you before, etc.) to make your results more specific. 

When you get the result you are happy with, you can export it to CSV.

3. Find people who already linked to articles dwelling on the same topic

Look for blog posts closely related to the topic of your article. 

You only need the ones with lots of backlinks. 

Please check the number of backlinks in the marketing tool you are using. 

Filter the articles you’ve got by referring domains putting the ones with the highest authority at the top of the list.

4. People who tweeted articles on the same topic

Frankly speaking, searching for people who tweeted articles on the topic similar to yours is not the best way to find prospects, however, you should know about the option. 

It’s easy to find people who tweeted this or that writing.

Put the article URL into a Twitter search and you are done. 

If you are making a default search, Twitter shows you the “Top” tweets, which is good for outreach prospecting. 

But you can go a little further and click the “Latest” tab.  

Why should you care only for the latest tweets? 

Because people tweet a lot. 

Sometimes they don’t even read the content they tweet. 

They just don’t remember what they tweeted a few months ago, so opt for the last 24 hours – last 7 days tweets.  

Is There Any Way To Automate the Process of Finding New Prospects?

Actually, there are a few ways to find new prospects on a regular basis without doing much.

1. You can monitor mentions of your keywords

Use Google Alerts or similar tools. 

They work like this – you insert a few keywords associated with your piece of content, then you are notified every time someone mentions these keywords on the net.

You take a look at the mentions and decide if you want to reach out to the author and show your content or not. 

2. Monitor new links to relevant articles

The top articles on Google get new backlinks consistently. 

So, if you monitor the top-ranking pages for your target keywords, you’ll get the prospects delivered straight to your email box. 

You can do this with your marketing tool if it has the functionality of generating new backlinks reports (to a certain URL) and sending them to your email.

3. Monitor new tweets of similar articles 

If you track the tweets that link to the articles written on the same topic as yours, you will get approximately one prospect from one article every few days. 

If you start practicing this technique, you will notice that your prospecting list increases by 50-100 new people every month. 

That’s not bad. 

Do you know how to monitor tweets? 

It’s not rocket science. 

Try the “New tweet from search” function for Twitter on IFTTT.

How To Find the Emails of Your Prospects - Free & Paid Methods + Best Practices

Paid Options

Do you like shortcuts and automation? 

Then you definitely should give email discovery tools a try. 

Below we have listed 8 of the handiest email lookup services.  

  • The first tool on our list is Clearbit Connect. You can access it for free and perform 100 searches per month. 
  • With Hunter you can perform 100 searches per month for free. If this is not enough, their paid accounts start at $49/month for 1,000 searches.
  • The next email discovery tool is toofr. You can make 30 free trial searches with it. Then you need to pay a minimum of $19/month for 2,500 searches.
  • Findanyemail 2.0 service provides 100 free searches per month. Their paid accounts start at $49/month for 5,000 searches.
  • Voila Norbert allows 50 free searches as a trial. If you like the service, you can buy an account with them starting at: $49/month for 1,000 searches.
  • You can use Emailmatcher for unlimited free searches.
  • Anymail finder lets you start with 20 free trial searches. Then, their most affordable account will cost you $18/month for 200 searches.
  • Find That Email allows 15 free searches per month. Their paid accounts start at: $29/month for 500 searches.

Unfortunately, sometimes the above listed as well as other email discovery tools available on the net don’t meet your needs. 

They turn out to be expensive or just unable to find some email addresses you need badly. 

Please read on to know some free ways to find the desired email address when email discovery tools don’t work. 

Free Options

1. Guess it 

You have surely noticed that there are several formulas most of email addresses follow. When you know First Name, Last Name, and Domain of your prospect, you can guess their email address.

Here is the list of these most common email address formulas.

If manual matching the emails seems too time-consuming to you, give a try to the tools like these – Email Permutator+ and Email Permutator spreadsheet. All you need to do is just fill in the necessary fields and get your list of email addresses. Not all of them will be real, so please make sure that you checked the suggestions in LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lite for Chrome.

Then you can click “Compose” in your Gmail box, copy and paste the email permutations you’ve got into the “To” field and move the mouse cursor through the email addresses to see if they are associated with a Google+ account. 

At the same time LinkedIn Sales Navigator extension will show if those email addresses belong to LinkedIn profiles.

In case neither Sales Navigator nor Gmail give you relevant information, you can just google for the exact match of your guesses and check if they were mentioned somewhere on the www.

2. Involve Bing search engine 

If you put “” in Google, the result will be disappointing because it uses “@” symbol for social tags. 

But if you try the same trick in Bing, it will be another ball game. 

The search engine will fetch all publicly available email addresses related to the domain you are interested in.

3. Look for email addresses in LinkedIn Connections

This is simple, an email is visible for your direct connections on LinkedIn. You can easily check this, view the profiles of your connections and see their email addresses in the ‘Contact Info’ section.

4. Hunt for email addresses on Twitter

You are collecting emails to deliver some important info to people, aren’t you? 

And your message will probably be longer than 280 characters. 

In this case you can find a person on Twitter and ask them for an email address. 

If you have a decent Twitter profile that clearly explains who you are, you are likely to get what you want.

5. Advanced Twitter Search is also worth a try

Sometimes people state their email addresses in tweets replacing “.” and “@” symbols with “dot” and “at” words. 

What you can do is go to Twitter Advanced Search and search for the words “at” and “dot” in tweets of a person you are interested in. 

Use words email, contact, reach and others to narrow down the search results.

6. It’s a good idea to subscribe to a prospect’s email list

Most of your prospects run personal blogs. 

You can find an email newsletter subscription form there and start to get newsletters that most likely will come from their personal email addresses. 

Please note that you can comment on one of the newsletters and start a conversation. 

Sometimes bloggers use addresses like, or similar for their newsletters. But if you reply to one, you will get the answer from personal email address.

7. You can ask for a personal email via inquiry form

Every corporate website has a contact form or general email address stated in their contact information section. 

You can write via this inquiry form and ask for the contacts of the person you would like to get in touch with. 

8. Check WHOIS Data to See the Owner of a Domain

Sometimes you can find the domain owner’s contact email address in data. 

The hack works well for one-owner websites who don’t hide their contact information, though, this info is available for bigger sites also. 

Over To You

You have just read a step-by-step guide on link prospecting. 

Hope the above info clarified many aspects that seemed confusing to you before. 

You know, we believe that the quickest way to get a deeper understanding of something is starting to do it. 

So, we wish you the best of luck in qualifying prospects, building your prospecting list, finding their emails, and outreach campaigns.

Have any questions/thoughts/suggestions on the topic? 

Please drop them in the comments section below. 

Found this guide helpful? 

Don’t forget to share it with your friends on social networks. 

Link Prospecting Guide

Your Guide To Link Prospecting A Complex Part of Link Building Process Explained in Simple Words First of all, let’s explain what link prospecting is. In short, this is a process of finding relevant websites you would like to link back to your resource.  Why should you spend your time and efforts on it?  Because … Continue reading "Link Prospecting Guide"Read More

SEO Affiliate Programs That Have Recurring Commissions

Today, I’m going to show you 15 of the top SEO affiliate programs.

If you have an audience or are building one in the SEO and digital marketing space, these are proven programs that will help grow your passive income. 

Here they are, broken down by types for your convenience.       


OutreachMama – Yep, shameless plug. We provide link building services for agencies and brands. Our clients get high-quality links, premium content, and great project management from an easy to use dashboard. 

How much can I earn?

It’s 10% lifetime commissions on the blogger outreach service. In other words, you’ll keep getting commissions as long as your referrals need links.

How do I apply?

No application is required to join the program. Create your affiliate account for free here. 

180Fusion – The company is SEO services provider. On top of the common scope of SEO services, they offer digital marketing and advertising.

How much can I earn?

This information is undisclosed. But you will receive a commission for all sales that you have referred.

How do I apply?

You can sign up for their affiliate program through the affiliate page.

The HOTH – The company provides link building and content creation services along with SEO tools.

How much can I earn?

Everything depends on the program you choose. You can get from 25% to 70% commission. 

How do I apply?

Please go to the HOTH’s affiliate page for more information.

SEOReseller is a US-based digital marketing solutions provider, offering various SEO, content and marketing services.

How much can I earn?

You can get 6% per sale.

How do I apply?

If you are interested please join through the affiliate page.


Linkio – Another shameless plug here. Linkio is a SEO tool that monitors your backlinks and rankings and provides anchor text suggestions.

How much can I earn?

You can get a 40% recurring commission.

How do I apply?

You can visit affiliate page to learn more about their affiliate program. If you want to promote this SEO plugin you need to join the ClickBank network. 

SEOPressor – This is a powerful popular SEO plugin. It can boast cool features like semantic and machine readability analysis tools.

How much can I earn?

You can get a 50% recurring commission.

How do I apply?

You can visit the affiliate signup page to learn more about our affiliate program.

SEMRush is a worldwide known brand among SEO and marketing pros. The company started back in 2008. Today, they are one of the leading providers of SEO services like backlink analysis and keyword research. SEMRush offers advertising and marketing services as well.

How much can I earn?

You can get as much as 40% of the recurring commission.

How do I apply?

Click here, BeRush is the SEMRush affiliate program.

Traffic Travis – Traffic Travis is an awesome SEO tool that can help with keyword research and improving on-page SEO.

How much can I earn?

You will be paid $44.36 for each sale.

How do I apply?

Sign up through ClickBank or read more about the program on the Traffic Travis affiliate page

Twinword Ideas is a keyword tool that offers a great affiliate program. This smart keyword tool is powered by AI and has several nice features like user intent filter, popular topics filter, and search volume data directly from Google.

How much can I earn?

You can earn 30% recurring commission rate for each referral that subscribes to Pro or Agency Plans. You get paid each month they renew the subscription.

How do I apply?

Follow this link to register or activate your affiliate account and start earning money for talking about this decent tool. Find out more about the affiliate program.

Netpeak Software including Netpeak Spider (a desktop tool for fast and comprehensive technical audit of the entire website) and Netpeak Checker (a desktop tool for bulk URL analysis and comparison of websites based on a wide range of parameters) offers an Affiliate Program that is worth to check.

How much can I earn?

You can get up to 30% commission.  

How do I apply?

Click here to know more about the affiliate program and to create a free affiliate account.


Affiliate SEO Mastery is one of the most talked-about SEO training courses of 2018. This is a great affiliate program for every affiliate marketing/SEO websites that cater to beginners.

How much can I earn?

Affiliate commissions make 50% of the $97-course fee. 

How do I apply?

Here is an affiliate signup link for you. 

SEO Affiliate Domination  has more success stories, from real people all over the world than any other course that teaches you how to build a full-time income with affiliate marketing using SEO.

How much can I earn?

Your affiliate commissions on this fantastic SEO course will make 50%.

How do I apply?

Use this affiliate signup link to apply.

SEObook was launched in 2003. It is one of the oldest standing SEO sites that is still regularly updated. The site was originally designed as a blog that offered DIY SEO tips and helped sell the leading SEO ebook, which had sold well over $1,000,000 in volume.

How much can I earn?

Affiliate Commissions start at 20% and go up 10% after every 5 sales, offering the top tier affiliates a 50% commission rate. They offer a $20 signing bonus as well. 

How do I apply?

Please use this affiliate signup link to apply.

Hope my list of the best SEO affiliate programs was useful to you.

Do you know of some others or want to submit your own? Use this link to submit a new affiliate program (wait for the pop-up).

We’ll review and add it to the list below.

Create Your Own Affiliate Program

If you’ve thought about creating your own affiliate program, use a tool like OSI Affiliates to make it happen.

List of User Submitted Affiliate Programs

Linkody is a backlink monitoring tool that helps you find, monitor and track backlinks 24/7.

How much can I earn?

30% monthly recurring commissions.

Want to be added to this list? Click here to bring up our submission form. We will be in touch shortly with feedback.

Over To You

Are you ready to try one of them?

Which one seems the most appealing to you and why?

Maybe you are ready to share your personal experience of getting passive income promoting one of the above services/tools/courses.

Please do it in the comments section.


SEO Affiliate Programs That Have Recurring Commissions

Today, I’m going to show you 15 of the top SEO affiliate programs. If you have an audience or are building one in the SEO and digital marketing space, these are proven programs that will help grow your passive income.  Here they are, broken down by types for your convenience.        Services OutreachMama – Yep, shameless … Continue reading “SEO Affiliate Programs That Have Recurring Commissions”

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Link Builders Have Ruined Everything (Again)

So this just happened…

Gary Illyes of Google dropped a link building bomb on Twitter.

It looks like he received an unsolicited link building email and went nuclear on the guy – making sure Google’s algorithm considers his list of 700 sites worthless (allegedly).

Have you ever received an unsolicited email like the one Gary received?

Here’s an example:

“I will post your article in the world top level sites! This is (name). I will provide you the high quality contents and will post it in my high quality genuine blogs. I have more than 5,000 high quality sites.

Here I’m sending to you my some high quality sites please look at them choose the sites in my list and send a trail order.”

This sender is mass spamming 1000’s of people with his/her list of sites with all metrics, prices and domain names fully visible, like this:

I remember a time when link building vendors protected the identities of their blog partners at all costs simply to avoid giant fuck ups like the one above where the 700 blog partners are screwed and everyone who purchased a link from those 700 sites are screwed.

These days, vendors are more brazen and careless than ever, putting the ease of getting the initial sale over protecting their blog partners and clients who already paid them money.

This should definitely have your attention.

It’s 2019, and the SEO industry is changing again fast.

Just 5 years ago there was a massive change with Penguin where PBNs were much easier for Google to detect and penalize.

Since then, guest posting has become the new buzzword, because that was the easiest way to get a link on a site that you don’t own.

Just recently, guest post became a more popular term than pbn.

I think Gary V said it best: “Marketers Ruin Everything”.

At it’s core, guest posting is an incredibly viable and useful way to secure quality, niche relevant backlinks.

Then former PBN sellers joined the guest posting service train, gathered up a bunch of connections and started indiscriminately cold blasting everyone (even Gary Illyes, a VIP at Google).

If you get such an email, you can be sure that the sites fall into one of these 3 categories:

1. PBNs with a makeover masquerading as real sites you can guest post on

Random blog topics, no footer, no favicon, no real author and bloated DA/DR metrics without organic traffic numbers to back it up.

2. Websites that got started with good intentions but got seduced by the “Unmarked Sponsored Post with a Dofollow Link” money.

Building a profitable blog is hard, and many people start their blog with great intentions, great content and are super careful about protecting their brand.

Then a link builder comes along and offers $100 for the blogger to click the Publish button. No social media sharing or newsletter promoting necessary. About 10 minutes of work and $100 out of it is very enticing.

They may start off with just accepting the most relevant posts but fast forward several months, they are on “Site lists” for 15 different vendors, getting new articles to publish every day, and raking in the cash.

These type of sites could have easily been on that list of 700 that Google just devalued.

3. Writers for authority sites that can include your link

Vendors come to an agreement with third party writers of well known blogs and pimp out the connection in unsolicited cold emails for link building.

These are usually the safest, most valuable and expensive links but in some ways, it’s also become a short-term tactic as high-end publishers like Forbes and Huffington Post ended up no-following all links due to this type of abuse.

So that’s the landscape here in 2019.

– “guest post” has eclipsed “pbn” in search trends, and
– link builders are fully in “ruin everything” mode, and
– Gary from Google showed just how easy it is for them to make these sites worthless

It sounds like a really good time to review your own link building strategy and stay ahead of the game.

If you were to ask me, I’d say custom blogger outreach is the way forward.

In fact it’s always been the right way to do it, but real outreach is incredibly difficult so it’s remained far under the radar.

If you’re looking for a vendor that can help you with real blogger outreach and deliver links that won’t show up on site lists, check out our blogger outreach service.

It has all of the service ingredients necessary to avoid falling into the mess I covered above:

1. It’s a monthly service that delivers quality, niche relevant links from pure outreach

2. Each month, we devise a new pitch, prospect 300-500 bloggers, prepare email sequences and make contact

3. A certain percentage of bloggers respond positively and we work with them to publish content on their site or update an existing article with our client’s link

4. The cost per link ranges from $125 to $280 depending on the Domain Authority. All prospects are reviewed to make sure Ahrefs Traffic is healthy before pursing the link.

5. We work together with you on deciding the target pages, and even though we don’t like adding a content approval and website approval step into the workflow (slows things down so much), we work together with you to ensure deliverables are up to your standards.

6. We monitor rankings and report on links and changes frequently.

If you’re interesting in getting more links and our service sounds interesting to you, you can create a free account here and request sample links, book a strategy call with me, or make an order.

If you have any questions, just shoot us an email at






Link Builders Have Ruined Everything (Again)

So this just happened… Gary Illyes of Google dropped a link building bomb on Twitter. It looks like he received an unsolicited link building email and went nuclear on the guy – making sure Google’s algorithm considers his list of 700 sites worthless (allegedly). Have you ever received an unsolicited email like the one Gary … Continue reading “Link Builders Have Ruined Everything (Again)”

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